The Tree Creek Estate Management Team is supported by a team of consultants who are considered experts in property development in the local Ipswich area.  This team is committed to the delivery of  Tree Creek Estate project and achieving the best outcome for all stakeholders  


DEAN PAYNE, Engineer

Managing Director, Urban Engineering Solutions 


Dean is a highly regarded RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland) and has been working in urban development since 1989. He spent 10 years as a contract administrator/works inspector, 10 years as a project manager, and was a director and business unit manager throughout this period. Dean is highly sought after for his exacting standards, the range and depth of his civil experience, and his track record of delivering outstanding outcomes in a diverse range of civil projects. His current clients include Sunland Group, Unison Projects, Paynter Dixon, Harridan, Payce, and Oxmar Properties. His current projects include large subdivision and townhouse sites and the $100m Lockyer Valley gas power station. Dean has worked on well over five billion dollars worth of projects in his career. 


MARK KIERPAL, Town Planner 
Managing Director, Urbicus 


Mark has over 25 years’ experience as an urban planner in Queensland and is very well respected among government and industry networks involved in south-east Queensland property. Mark has extensive public-sector experience across local, state and federal government that includes six years as a Development Assessment Officer for Brisbane City Council. In the private sector, prior to establishing Urbicus, Mark spent 15 years at DTS Group, a large, highly regarded inner-city property consulting firm. As Managing Director and Director of Urban Development at DTS Mark presided over thousands of development applications. Mark adds significant value at the front end of the development process with a broad network of contacts throughout the property industry and a deep understanding of the requirements to facilitate development approvals.


ROB SIDDLE, Environmental Consultant 
Managing Director, S5 Environmental

Rob has 24 years’ experience as an environmental professional and holds a Bachelor of Science (Environment) and a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning. Rob spent five years with BHP as an Environment and Compliance Officer and 10 years as the Environmental Manager at Lambert & Rehbein, a large, multi-faceted engineering consultancy firm. In 2014, Rob founded S5 Environmental, a specialist environment and water consultancy with a commercial and compliance orientation. S5 provides high-level advice to the public and private sectors on large scale development and infrastructure projects. Rob is a well-known and respected authority on environmental impact, management and compliance and prides himself on delivering peak results, both environmentally and commercially. He understands how to achieve optimal environmental management solutions.


MARTIN GILES, Hydraulic Engineer

Business Unit Manager and Senior Principal Engineer, BMT WBM


Martin is an esteemed specialist in hydraulic and environmental investigations with 29 years of experience. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree and Masters in Engineering from the University of Queensland. Modelling work undertaken by Martin has included complex floodplain systems and the application of dynamic modelling to urban stormwater drainage design to allow the development of cost effective relief drainage solutions for constrained brownfield sites and existing flood-prone areas. Martin is involved in the Master Planning of large-scale developments such as Ripley Valley, providing guidance with respect to flooding and stormwater management to multi-disciplinary teams. Martin acts as an expert to the Planning and Environment Court, Land Court and Supreme Court, and provides expert advice to State Government authorities in relation to developments approvals. 


KEVIN HOLT, Surveyor
Managing Director, Kevin Holt Consulting

Kevin Holt Consulting is among Brisbane’s premier surveyor and town planning companies. Established in 1998 by Kevin Holt, the company has been delivering first-class services to clients in Queensland and northern New South Wales for almost two decades. Kevin brings a total of 30 years of experience to his clients in residential housing and development. He has strengths in project design and practice management. Kevin Holt Consulting consistently delights its clients by delivering timely, cost-effective, quality service with the most cutting-edge technology. The company is known for delivering high value with thorough, innovative and highly trustworthy professional practice. 


MICHAEL MATUSIK, Property Analyst 
Matusik Property Insights


Michael is a renowned property consultant and independent analysist who has worked with some of the biggest names in Australian property for more than three decades. He was the Director of Property Research at Colliers International for seven years before founding his own independent advisory firm, Matusik Property Insights, in 1998. Michael is an independent thinker with an understanding of the property market that is unsurpassed in its depth and acuity. With his weekly publication, the Matusik Missive, he shares his insights into not just the property market, but also related issues such as urban and social trends. In demand as a keynote speaker for his straight-talking style and generosity with his knowledge, Michael has delivered almost 1000 property presentations and written over 2300 property publications.  


MICHAEL STARR, Sales Manager

LJ Hooker Land Marketing QLD

Michael is an active Property Specialist with degree qualifications in Management and Marketing.  A forward-thinking real estate sales professional, Michael has a very broad network and deploys innovative integrations of traditional marketing methods with progressive, modern forms of communication. Michael began his property career in 2006, and at the age of 26 became the National Investment and Regional Sales Manager for Glenwood Homes, one of Australia’s largest residential building companies at the time. Michael has since worked with Ausbuild, Fresh Homes, Metro Property  and QA Developments in areas such as Home Design, Site Acquisition, Development Approval and Sales Management. In 2016 Michael joined LJ Hooker Land Marketing QLD where he currently works alongside renowned industry icon Kevin Doodney. Michael currently manages multiple land subdivisions throughout Queensland, his current stock portfolio is worth in excess of $150m.